One Thousand One Papua New Guinean Nights: List of Folktales

This is a list of folktales for the book, One Thousand One Papua New Guinean Nights by Thomas H. Slone. Numbers refer to issue numbers of Wantok newspaper.

Wantok Issue, Title

48. Crying for Nothing

49. Where Did Pots Come From?

50. Where Did Women Come From?

51. The Children Who Turned into Stones

52. How the Snake Lost Its Hair

53. The Moon in the River

54. Praying to the Sun

55. Where Did Languages Originate?

56. The Morning Star

57. Where Did Coconuts Come From?

58. Where Did Sugar Come From?

59. Where Did Salt Come From?

60. The Raven and the Well

61. The Men Who Were Reborn

62. Where Did Coconuts Come From?

63. The Stars’ Tears

64. Thunder

65. Where Did Pigs Come From?

66. Where Did Night Come From?

67. Where Did the Aerie Come From?

68a. The Axe that Returned

68b. Dog Training

69. White Dog, Black Dog

70. Why Do People Have Different Colored Skins?

71. How Did the Hornbill Get a Big Beak?

72. The Story of the Flood

73. The Dolphin

74. The Man Who Married a Bird of Paradise

75a. The Deceitful Turtle

75b. Where Did Darkness Come From?

76. Where Did Mushrooms Come From?

77. Where Did the Cockatoo Come From?

78. Now You Must Die

79. The Woman Who Worried about a Fish and then Ran Away

80. Where Did Fire Come From?

81. Why Women No Longer Have Beards

82. Every Man Was Lost

83. Why Do People Get Gray Hair?

84. The Marsupial (Sikau) Who Stole the Baby

85. Marrying a Mango Woman

86. The Yam Woman

87. The Two Brothers

88. The Cassowary and the Chicken

89. Why the Kangaroo Has Short Legs

90. The Masalai Who Obstructed the Garden

91. The Mango Tree that Helped the Little Woman

92. No More Ghosts

93. The Tree That Helped a Man

94. Why Do Men Kill Rats and Marsupials (Kapul)?

95. The Lazy She-Cockatoo

96. The Ghost Who Befouled the Sister

97. The Bird of Paradise That Became a Man

98. The Ghost Who Killed the Selfish Man

99. The Dead Man Who Came to Life Again

100. The Old People Who Found the Stone Axe

101. How Two Mountains Were Named

102. The Man Who Only Had a Head

103. How Pigs Arrived on Karkar Island

104. The Marsupial (Kapul) that Struck the Sister’s Breast

105. How Kangaroos Lost their Arms

106. Dog is Man’s Good Friend

107. Pembu Flew like a Bird

108. How the New Clans Came into Being

109. Simbu Story

110. Cassowary Woman

111. The Woman Who Became a Snake

112. The Feast of the Birds

113. The Two Women Who Became Stones

114. The Man Who Tricked the Ghost

115. The Bamboo Tube Filled with Women

116. You Would Not Die, If Only...

117. Where Did Net Bags Come From?

119. The Crazy People

120. The Man without a Face

121. Pekabat and Tutupiok

122. The Conch that Scared the Masalai

123. The People Who Tricked a Masalai Woman

124. Why We Must Die

127. The Custom of Revenge

128. The Pig Who Gave Birth to a Man

129. The Marsupial (Kapul) That Stuck to a Man

130. The Men Who Became a Flying Foxes

131. The Sun Does Not Cook Food

132. The Man Who Became a Tree

133. The Ghost that Became a Cuscus

134. Why Did the Family Break Apart?

135. The Woman Who Ate Two Children

136. The Woman and the Snake

137. The Woman Who Became a Fish

138. How Cassowaries Obtained Their Colors

139. The Death of a Strong Man

140. Why Houses in Yangoru Do Not Have Fences

141. Where Did Mosquitoes Come From?

142. Where Did the Cucumber Come From?

143. The Flood

144. The Trick of the Worthless Man

145. The Taboo against Women Spearfishing at Night

146. The Custom of Hanging Oneself

147. The Dog that Helped People

148. The Grateful Snake

149. Where Did Mount Giluwe Come From?

150. The Ripe Breadfruit that Saved a Life

151. Before, People Did Not Sleep or Eat Fish

152. The Cucumbers that Became Women

153. The Black Woman and the Red Woman

154. The Pond Full of Grease

155. Cooking Pig in an Earth Oven at a Grave

156. The Rat That Helped a Man

157. We Cannot Disobey What a Dog Says

158. The Marsupial (Kapul) that Lost a Toe

159. They Ate a Small Snake

160. A Dog Was the Source of Fighting

161. The Frog That Turned into a Girl

162. The Boy Who Was Deserted

163. The Eagle that Was the Source of the Enga People

164. Cassowary and Chicken Are Enemies

165. The Woman Who Tricked a Masalai Snake

166. Why Porgera Has Gold

167. The Stone Masalai Women

168. The Highlands Story about Coconuts

169. How Many Laws Came About

170. The Kumdi Clan Came from a Frog

171. Who Was the First to Die?

172. The Love-Charm Woman

173. The Women Who Came from a Hollow Log

174. Why Dogs Ignore What Men Say

175. Men with Different Kinds of Skins

176. Where Did Local Languages Come From?

177. The Masalai Who Ate a Man

178. Where Did Food Come From?

179. Fish Originated from a Cave

180. The Son Who Confused His Father

181. A Story of the Deep Forest

182. To Light a Fire and Find a Woman

183. The Snake Mother

184. The Masalai That Was Tricked By Grass and Hair

185. The Women Who Came from Coconuts

186. The Blood of the Garden

187. Where Did the Crocodile Come From?

188. The Woman Who Left Her Sister

189. The Dog That Befriended a Man

190. The Snake That Became a Man

191. The Man Who Came From a Cassowary

192. Mount Mul [Hagen] Is the Origin of Life

193. Fighting in the Highlands

194. Using a Man as Lime (Calcium Oxide)

195. How Did Kremendin Village Originate?

196. Where Did Coconuts Come From?

197. One Man and Two Women Founded a Village

198. The Dog that Turned into a Man

199. The Yam that Turned into a Snake and then Became a Man

200. Friend Helps Friend

201. The Two Enemy Birds

202. The Marsupial’s (Sikau’s) Revenge

203. Why Do Dogs Sniff Each Other’s Tails?

204. How the Eagle Marked Hagen

205. The Dog That Found a Pond

207. The Heron and the Crab

208. The Python that Defeated the Crocodile

209. There Was No Sago

210. Why Is There a Red Pond?

211. Why the Eagle Is Finely Adorned!

212. Why the Dog Does Not Talk

213. Probably Just the Phantom

214. The Southern Cross

215. Cucumbers Growing

216. Water Came from the Stone

217. Blowing the Flutes Caused a Flood

218. How Did People Originate?

219. Where Did Murderous Sorcery Come From?

220. The Boy Who Conquered the Masalai

221. Two Kinds of Marsupial (Kapul)

222. Where Did Mother Come From?

223. Hagen and Wabag Are Brothers

224. Where Did the Bird of Paradise Come From?

225. The Man Who Came from a Blood Egg

226. The Old Ways [The Story of Dawia Plomb Pond]

227. The Revenge of the Snake

228. The Marsupial (Sikau) and the Rat

229. Women’s Stolen Beards

230. The Trick at the Fig Tree

231. The Marsupial (Sikau) that Stole a Woman

232. The Mother’s Mistake

233. The Man Who Killed a Masalai

234. The Dog-Man’s Scabies

235. Why Women Do Not Shoot Wild Game in the Forest

236. Why Did the Ancestors Use Trees?

237. Wild Game or Man?

238. The Pig that Killed a Father

239. The Man Who Stole a Pig from a Snake

240. The Python that Swallowed a Man

241. The Woman Who Gave Birth to a Baby Snake

242. The Brother Rose from Death

243. The Boy that Tricked the Masalai

244. Where Did the Bird of Paradise Get Its Colors?

245. The Sky Woman

246. An Island in Madang Province

247. Where Did Fighting Originate?

248. There Is No Fighting

249. The Cassowary and the Chicken

250. A Big Flood

251. Why Is There Thunder

252. Where Did Mount Rabaul [Saruwaged] Come From?

253. A Story of Two Brothers

254. Where Did the Moon Come From?

255. Three Brothers

256. Where Did the Cockatoo Come From?

257. An Eagle’s Story

259. The Boy Who Had a Dog-Father

260. The Man Who Was Afraid of Breasts

261. The Sister’s Fault

262. The Story of the Ramu River

263. How Did the First Yam Come About?

264. Fire Came from Manam Island

265-267. The Old Woman Who Gathered Cockatoos

268. Where Did the Sea Come From?

269. The Flying Fox Killed Kaiwaru [the Snake]

270. The Two Spirit Dogs

271. Lunganga

272. Tamuaiang

273. The Stone from Ablingi Island

274. The Woman Who Became a Mermaid

275. Modaged and Gerail

276. The Boy Who Scared His Father

277. The Vegetables that Spoke

278. Cutting the Pregnant Woman’s Belly

279. The Child Who Turned into a Cockatoo

280. The Snake Looked at His Hair

281. The Masalai Woman Ate Feces

282. Brother Married Brother

283. The Man Who Became a Bird

284. The Flying Fox that Helped a Man

285. Why Man Is the Boss

286. Burning the Ghost

287. The Silent Place

288. The Story of the Kinsmen Lekare [Lekari] and Yoarene

289. The Crab Helped the Cassowary in the Water

290. Where Did Shells for Lime Come From?

291a. The Dog Found Water

291b. The Man Who Pulled Fish from His Head

292. Marsupial (Sikau) Was Ashamed of Chicken

293. The Man Who Became a Woman

294. Tabo Married the Woman from a Cave

295. The Cassowary Tricked the Masalai Clam

296. A Man Who Found a Woman

297. A Snake Turned into the Fly River

298. The Bird of Paradise that Became a Woman

299. How One Language Came About

300. The Man Who Married a Fish-Woman

301. Sabaou Stole Rako’s Meat Rack

302. Taro Woman and Grass Woman

303. Kantaure Confused Mataio

304. The Man Who Married a Cassowary Woman

305. The Cassowaries that Helped a Woman

306. The Boys Who Tricked a Ghost

307. The True Origin of Why Everything Dies

308. The Worthless Man Who Helped the Good Men

309. The Lizard that Ruined Its Friend

310. The Spirit Fish Dance

311. The Bird’s Child

312. The Stone that Covered Up the Men

313. The Cassowary Got New Legs

314. A Marsupial (Sikau) Found a Baby Boy

315. The Nokondi Ghost

316. The Python that Killed the Big Brother

317. The Men Who Ate a Dead Person

318. Tongangakoai [Dugong]

319. The Two Brothers that Married the Two Fruit Women

320. The Man Who Found Tobacco

321. Masalai Naiwa

322. Tari and Enga

323. Manting, the Stone and the Bird

324. The Big Brother’s Friend

325. The Man Who Turned into a Snake

326. The Story of the Moon

327. The Sexy Sago Woman

328. We Are Children of the Snake

329. The Angry Mountain

330. The Clever Dogs

331. The Cloud that Sank the Island

332. The Spirit Woman Created a Food

333. The Frog in the Light

334. A Village Obtained Singing and Dancing

335. How a Pond Came to Wangkatubure

336. The Boulder Covered People Up

337. The Man Who Conquered a Snake

338. The Highlands Did Not Have Salt

339. Taro Created Two Mountains

340. The Old Masalai Woman

341. The Trick at Yassa Village

342. The Old Woman with the Torch

343. The Young Brother Killed Bibeo

344. The Two Women Who Became Mountains

345. How Eagles Obtained Their White Necks

346. The Smoke Helped the Boy

347. The Woman Who Came from the Sea

348. We Came from the Simbu People

349. A Fish Woman Gave Us a Song and Dance

350. Watuwatu Married a Sela (Heron)

351. The Ghost Wanted To Kill the Child

352. The Orphans

353. The Lizard that Became a Child

354. A New Woman Came from the Ground

355. The Wildfowl Puts Its Eggs in the Forest

356. Red Sago

357. Mount Geluwa [Giluwe] Dog Trading

358. Sugarcane Tore Apart the Brothers

359. The Two Children Became Birds

360. How Mount Ialibu and Mount Gilue [Giluwe] Arose

361. The Two Old Men Ate Soap (A Modern Story)

362. The Girl’s Mistake

363. The Sergeant Ate a Snail (A Modern Story)

364. The Woman Who Married a Masalai

365. The Beer’s Fault (A Modern Story)

366. The Sun Arose

367. The Ground Broke (A Modern Story)

368. The Man Stole a Masalai Baby

369. The Man Taught by a Log (A Modern Story)

370. Cassowary Woman

371. A Radio Confused the Old Man (A Modern Story)

372. Paroko Took out a Woman

373. The Champion Won a Medal (A Modern Story)

374. Shooting Koramau’s Eye

375. Poeka Gave a Party (A Modern Story)

376. The Signal Drum Came to Finschhafen

377. An Airplane Came to Okapa (A Modern Story)

378. Buarlah Mountain

379. A Cassowary Took out Yagoe (A Modern Story)

380. The Ancestral Ghost of Ngorongoro

381. A Ghost from Kerevat [Keravat] (A Modern Story)

382. The Little Boy Was Cleverer

383. A Way to Find a Woman (A Modern Story)

384. Kambeya Brought His Sister Back to the Village

385. The Woman Tricked a Man (A Modern Story)

386. The Man Brought a Masalai

387. Sorcery Shut Someone’s Eyes (A Modern Story)

388. How Did Tumleo Island Arise?

389. Do Not Anger a Woman — You Will Die

390. The Masalai Tricked Maka (A Modern Story)

391. Two Women Arose

392. The Bird of Paradise Woman Won

393. None of the Young Women Wanted To

394. Befriending [Having Sex with] a Ghost Woman

395. The Masalai Ate a Baby

396. He Only Liked Heads

397. Why Are Net Bags Multicolored?

398. The Masalai’s Forest

399. The Place of Bones

400. The Child that Came from a Wailbal Tree Fruit

401. A Woman Tricked a Wild Man

402. A Masalai Married a Real Woman

403. The Old Man Became a Baby

404. An Old Woman Helped them Run Away

405. The Old Man Who Became Young

406. A Masalai Killed a Brother

407. The In-Laws Ruined a Woman

408-409. The Two Thieves

410.Huli Started a Village

412. Pots Fell from the Sky

413. A Dead Man Ruined a Man

414. The Wild Woman Who Died in a Fire

415. The Origin of Rain

416. The Man Who Stole a Ghost Woman’s Skin

417. The Ghost Woman Lied to a Man

418. A Masalai Made Three Islands

419. The Masalai Marsupials (Kapul)

420. The Stones of the Ancestors

421. The Cloud-Man Helped the People from Sio

422. A Woman Arose from Blood

423. Jit Tricked the Greedy Cassowary

424. The Brother Hid the Water

425. Why the Clouds Thunder

426. The Ancestral Spirits Tangled with Sailas

427. The House Underneath Lake Ivea

428. The Stubborn Daughter

429. The Masalai of Lep Island

430. The Masalai Stone of Genai

431. Men Killed the Moon

432. Leklachem Lap Made the Day Long

433. The Brother Died in Hot Water

434. Why Does Markham Valley Have Many Wild Pigs?

435. Simiji Got His Eyes back from the Masalai

436. The Dog Took Care of a Baby Boy

437. A Python Swallowed a Man

438. A Man Married a Mango Woman

439. The People Who Turned into Birds

440. The Masalai Eel Often Became a Wild Pig

441. A Woman Married a Masalai from Taga

442. A Girl Came from a Malay Apple

443. The Man with Twelve Children in His Stomach

444. How Did the Sea Arise?

445-446. The Man Who Only Liked Daughters

447. Why Do Highlands Men Often Marry Many Women

448. Malevolent Water Consumed a Man

449. Why Manam Island Exploded

450. A Dog Stole Fire from a Masalai

451. A Man Married a Fruit Woman

452. A Ghost Chased Mende

453-454. Secha — Good Man — Good Mali

455. Why Dogs Never Talk

456a. The Child of a Flying Fox

456b. The Man Who Became an Eel

457. How Did the Snake Come into Existence?

458a. The Fish-Woman Helped a Boy

458b. How Did the Asaro Mud Men Come About?

459. Dogs Spoke like Men

460. The Tree People of Marayang

461. How Did Yams Arise?

462. Long Ago, Dog and Kangaroo Were Friends

463. Sons Killed their Co-Mother

464. Ipapaya Helped Two Boys

465. A Woman Gave Birth to a Baby Crocodile

466. The Boys Killed Three Enemies

467. Father Ruined the Meat

468. A Woman Married a Masalai from the Same Tribe

469. How Did Man Arise?

470. Komiaui Married a Cassowary

471. Two Brothers Found Wives

472. The Pythons in the New Guinea Walnut Tree

473. A Bird-Woman Married a Man

474. Why We Have Various Kinds of Foods Today

475. Brother Tricked Brother

476. When the Rodents Arose from the Ground

477. A Man Lost a Star Woman

478. The Father Got Rid of His Son

479. The Masalai Eagle

480. A [Man] Tricked a Pomio Ancestral Ghost

481. A Woman Gave Birth to an Eaglet

482. Hapleng Became a Leader

483. Two Beautiful Women Came Out of a Green Coconut

484. Dumbu Grabbed a Ghost Boy

485. The Song and Dance of the Stars

486. Dogs Killed their Master

487. An Ancestral Ghost Child Was the Father of the Barambu [Balambu] People

488. One Masalai with Good Eyes and One with Bad

489. A Dead Man Took Care of His Son

490. How Mosquitoes Came to Kranget [Kranket] Island

491. The Big Brother Took Good Care of His Two Young Siblings

492. A Boy Tricked Two Girls

493. A Ghost Found Her Grave

494. Andamai Found a Snake-Man

495. A Ghost Woman Tricked a Mother

496. A Manus Woman Tricked a Masalai

497. The Old Man Punished the Children

498. Samborpia Became a Crocodile

499. Weipun Married the Flying Foxes’ Wives

500. The Rokia Zava [Log] Ruined a Friendship

501. The Single Man Who Tricked a Woman

502. The Two Brothers Found Yams (Mami) on Siassi [Island]

503. Two Birds that Killed Men

504. A Bee Took Care of a Boy

505. A Woman Disobeyed What Was Said

506. Kondumung’s Mistake

507. Why Do Eagle, Flying Fox and Cockatoo Often Steal?

508a. Where Did Lime (Calcium Oxide) for Planting Yams Come From?

508b. Heahun Showed the Way

509. The Crocodile Katumu Desired the Woman from Bukibalikim

510. The Little Brother Ignored What He Was Told

511. The Bad Boy Had His Revenge and He Became a Leader

512. A Woman Became a Man

513. A Man Became a Turtle

514. Bandur’s Island

515. A Cassowary Stole a Boy

516. The Trail to Where the Sun Rises

517. The Mistake of Watching the Moon

518. The Man Who Became a Bird

519. The Masalai Took a Baby

520. The Boys Who Conquered Masumura

521a. The Birds Who Helped a Man

521b. Marsupials (Kapul) and Dogs Are Enemies

522. The Masalai Broke a Heart

523. Two Women Became Birds of Paradise

524. A Woman Came from a Stick

525. The Man in the Clouds Taught a Lesson

526. Children Were Killed by a Stone

527. Urin — The Man Who Arose from Blood

528. Enemies Stopped Fighting

529. The Masalai’s Skin

530. Ghosts Took a Man

531. The Eagle’s Child

532. The Money Tree

533. Pekenatu [Pekenatun] and Pindalu [Pindalua]

534. A Pig Ruined the Garden

535. The Enemies of Kanganamun

536. The Village of the Masalai Fish

537. Big Leg’s Mistake

538. The Dogs’ Wives

539. The Ground Swallowed People

540. Surataura’s Prank

541. The Crocodile Took Bajingei

542. Kopesi Got Revenge

543. Nol Became a Masalai’s Son

544. Dogs Try to Find Their Real Skins

545. Kimaru and the Red Insects

546. A Snake Went inside a Boil

547. A Ghost Helped a Pregnant Woman

548. Abut and the Masalai Woman

549. The Man Who Became a Jimbir Pig

550. The Mistake of Eating Eel

551. Lapa Kella Wronged the Sail Kusi Clan

552. Why the Rain Falls

553. The Ghost Man of the Mountain

554. Baili Oddo Became a Masalai Snake

555. Nokoro Called Out to a Ghost

556. The Man Who Married a Masalai’s Daughter

557. The Festival for Pulling the Garamut Tree/Signal Drum

558. The Yamap [Yamaip] Clan [Almost] Finished off the Temo [Timotop] Clan

559. A Ghost Tricked a Man

560. A Man Cut off His Wife’s Hand

561. The Man Who Changed His Skin

562. A Ghost Woman Ate a Baby

563. Boanouo Tahia — Son of a Pig

564. Tabuagele Raped a Woman

565. Women Burned the Spirit House

566. The Masalais of Gagwekalo

567. An Old Woman Was the Origin of Various Foods

568. A Masalai Ruined Dikiti’s Eyes

569. Women Killed a Man’s Head

570. Hand Drums Confused Two Women

571. The Dog Got Back at the Old Woman

572. Yomba Transformed a Ghost into a Real Person

573. How Did Yams (Yam and Mami) Arise?

574. Two Brothers Killed the Old Ghosts

575. A Flood Ruined a Village

577. Do Not Covet Food

578. The Stubborn Masalai Had a Bad Time

579. Kemkapukere Killed a Snake

580. Hapleng the Trickster

581. A Ghost Tricked a Woman

582. Posere Killed a Bad Masalai

583. A Woman Gave Birth to a Baby Snake

584. Wirikaira Found a Lake

585. When Bat Became Frog’s Enemy

586. A Man Ate His Own Wife

587. Why Is it that Marsupials (Kapul) are Meat for Dogs?

588. Agum and Amom Challenged Aronta

589. The Sister Fought like a Man

590. The Old Woman Ate Boys

591. Walini Turned into Stone

592. A Python Swallowed a Man

593. Two Boulders Found a Place

594. The Power of the Marsupial (Kapul) Kondomong Helped a Sister and Was the Origin of People

595. The Ancestral Ghost’s Very First Trick!

596. A Flood Drowned People

597. A Son Found His Father’s Eyes

598. A Mangy Dog Killed a Ghost Man

599. A Cassowary Befouled a Man

600. Blood Became a Baby

601. Do Not Covet Your Little Brother

602. Amaita Surpassed His Boastful Friends

603. How the Stone Axe Came About

604. Salahmo [Salahamo] Killed the Old Masalais

605. A Wild Cat Found Kewa’s Wife

607. The Ghost Women of Damugoi

608. Sape Tricked the Masalai of Vokopoan

609. The Tatavebuki Snakes of Magarina [Margarima]

610. A Brother and Sister Tricked the Masalai

611. The Boys Tricked the Greedy Masalai

612. Nime Became a Bird of Paradise

613. Men Killed Masalai Sobili

614. The Stars Helped a Man

615. Two Sisters Killed a Masalai

616. A Ghost Killed Muli

617. From Where Did the Insects in House Posts Come?

618. Avebam’s Mistake

619. Two Brothers Were Enemies

620. Tukai Found a Beautiful Woman

621. A Wild Woman Tricked a Real Man

622. Worpowei Brought Yams (Yam and Mami)

623. The Last Boy Killed Masalai Bululung

624. Two Women Became Bananas

625. A Woman Married a Signal Drum Masalai

626. A Father Ruined His Family

627. Togogu Ran Away with Mumegi

628. A Brother Snubbed His Sister

629. A Masalai with Three Kinds of Faces

630. Two Brothers Killed the Devil Eagle

631. A Flying Fox Won over a Woman

632. A Woman Ruined Two Brothers

633. Nokondi and His Kin

634. A Spear Became a Dog

635. Two Brothers Slew Masimura

636. Enemies Killed Segiyo

637. Yirinketif Fooled the Women

638. A Boy Stole an Old Man’s Meat

639. Tuk and Moon Fooled the Ghost Woman

640. A Woman Got Revenge upon a Bad Man

641. A Man Married a Masalai Women

642. Women Took the Salam Festival

643. A Snake Swallowed a Man

644. Three Brothers Killed the Baratoks

645. A Masalai Was Caught in a Bandicoot Trap

646. Why Is the Moon in the Sky?

647. A Marsupial’s (Sikau’s) Sorrow Helped a Man

648. A Ghost Helped the Little Sister

649. Ninah and Omabarara

650. A Pond Arose at the Place Where the Masalai Died

651. Two Brothers Were Angry over Pandanus

652. Mombi Kula’s Child

653. Eagles Took the Marsupial’s (Kapul’s) White Skin

654. Two Brothers Were Angry Over Beans

655. Urahi Befouled the Snake’s Hand Drum

656. How Did the Pimates Tree Originate?

657. Kangaroo Fooled Dog

658. A Brother and Sister Created Kiyadi Village

659. The Greedy In-Laws Ruined Lives

660. Kewul Ruined His Friend, the Lizard

661. Why Ant and Lizard Are Enemies

662. Kep Killed Kumasi

663. The Ghosts Killed Their Own Children

664. A Man Married a Woman from the Water

665. Two Brothers Married Green Coconut Women

666. The People Who Were Lost in a Cave

667. Two Sisters Ruined Their Brother

668. The Old Man Ended His Worries

669. Two Women Ran Away from Their Old Husband

670. A Cockatoo Taught People How to Make Fire

671. A Dog Helped a Woman

672. Two Young Men Killed Masmuri [Masmura]

673. How Flying Foxes Arose

674. A Woman Killed the Leader of the Masalais

675. People Arose and Filled the Earth

676. Cassowary Treated Crab in a Nasty Manner

677. The Daughter Who Arose From Her Father’s Leg

678. The Banana Women Created Gurakor Village

679. The Old Woman Scared the Vain Women

680. The Five Brothers Killed a Masalai

681. A Masalai Ate Her Own Child

682. Two Brothers Fought Over Women

683. Kaun and Weibaru, Two Men [Who Created] the Simbrien Song and Dance

684. Why Cassowaries Do Not Fly Anymore

685. A Masalai Blocked a Cave Entrance and Killed a Family

686. A Woman Burned Her Husband

687. The Men Who Became Women

688. The Greedy Brother’s Time Came

689. An Old Couple Killed Four Brothers

690. ToVup — The Crippled Thief

691. How Did Fire Arise?

692. A Man Married a Ghost Woman

693. Marsupial (Kapul) and Dog Tricked a Woman

694. Duku Tricked Gargariva and He Died

695. Repe Was a Little Trickster

696. Two Brothers Divided Their Work

697. A Boy Tricked the Masalai Thief

698. A Man Tricked the Ghosts and Took Their Hand Drum

699. A River Ruined Oipo [Oibo] Village

700. A Man Married a Fish-Woman

701. A Marsupial (Kapul) Tricked a Dog and Ruined the Dog’s Hair

702. A Masalai Tricked a Man

703. A Woman Became a Bird of Paradise and Left Her Husband

704. Why the Enemies Finished Off Suwena Village

705. Kulele Tricked the Villagers

706. A Mother Worried about Her Child then She Turned to Stone

707. How Did the Two Toaripi Clans Arise?

708. Nokondi Helped Kamusi

709. The Story of Lalafaremori

710. The Big Brother Killed the Little Brother’s Dog

711. Where Did the Coconut Come From?

712. The Masalai Snake Tricked the Little Sister

713. How Did Lake Kutubu Arise?

714. Dogs Still Search for Their Tails: They Often Smell Each Other when they Meet

715. A Son Was Helped by His Father’s Ghost

716. Two Brothers Found Wives

717. Flying Foxes Helped a Man

718. Hapara-Ura-Ura-Vila

719. Masalais Chased the People of Lupamanda towards the Sepik: Are the Sepik People Related to the Wabag People?

720. How Did Saure [Sauri] Village Arise?

721. Two Brothers Killed the Masalai Masumura

722. Why Are There No People in Yuka Village? A Brother Killed Them

723. A Man Tricked His Wife, She Hid His Eyes

724. Why Are Dog and Marsupial (Kapul) Enemies?

725. A Man Became a Flying Fox

726. A Snot-Nosed Man Married a Beautiful Woman

727. A Man Stole a Masalai’s Baby

728. How Did Nusi [Nguzi] Village Arise?

729. A Cassowary Killed the Big Brother

730. The Big Brother Killed the Little Trickster

731. The Birds of the Sword-Grass Lands Are Enemies with the Birds of the Deep Forests

732. A Ghost Tricked a Man

733. Lime (Calcium Oxide) For Making Love-Magic

734. Masalai Weimbemi Changed His Mind

735. The Third Wife Ruined Their Lives

736. Juarguandu Took His Father’s Place

737. A Stone Became a Man and Tricked a Woman

738. Two Women Turned to Stone

739. Kimala Shot His Own Sister

740. Tears Became Mountains

741. A Sister Killed the Masalai Nokotise

742. Wamati Found a Real Man

743. How Did Two Lakes Arise?

744. A Woman Became a Turtle

745. The Turtle Broke the Cockatoo’s Head

746. How Did Lake Dunu Arise?

747. A Ghost Tricked a Mother and Child

748. A Woman Married a Snake

749. Anger Arose over a Pig

750-751. The Story of the Mundakiring Song and Dance

752. A Masalai Marsupial (Kapul) Had Sex with a Woman

753. The Story of Two Brothers, Muna and Dat

754. The Masalai of Owedelga Wont Pina

755. An Ancestor Story from Ikana Village

756. Two Brothers Killed a Masalai

757. The Story of Waifo and the Sago Bundle

758. Dukuami Got Revenge against the Enemies

759. Ganeme Thought that a Net Bag Was a Woman

760. Kumanyagl Died near Bundi

761. A Man Married a Marsupial (Kapul) Woman

762. A Snake Swallowed Hullywa

763-764a. A Man Married Flying Fox Women

764b. Two Snakes from Pangia

765. Women Married Breadfruit Men

766. Two Friends Went to the Ghosts’ Village

767. A Woman Hid inside a Snake’s Skin

768. Two Friends Raised Clan Houses

769. A Real Woman Married a Python

770. Nawalok and Dan Turned into Stones

771. A Masalai Pretended that She Was a Real Woman

772. The Animals Helped Esengi Clan House

773. A Man Grabbed a Ghost Woman from a Hole

774. Before, Giniambu and Witupe Were Enemies

775. A Snake-Man Married a Real Woman

776. Wosungku Tricked the Enemies

777. A Boy Became a Bird

778. A Sister Turned into a Marsupial (Kapul)

779. Two Friends from Simbu and Bundi

780. Simbonga, a Man Who Searched for Wildfowl Eggs

781. Why Dogs and Marsupials (Kapul) Have Been Enemies Until Today

782. A Ghost Woman Confused a Real Woman

783. Gawe [Gowe] and Kuagle Became Rivers

784. A Snake Created the Kipurepa Tribe

785. A Ghost Woman Killed the Men of Raungwe

786. Two Sisters Tricked a Masalai Woman

787. Why Dogs are the Enemies of Kangaroos

788. An Old Couple Called Out for Water

789. Ende Yomba Stole Babies

790. A Fight Regarding Dogs Caused Sambe to be Evicted from Sirunki

791. Why Eagles and Chickens are Enemies

792. Wakaia Became a Place of Rats

793. Yamarai Helped the Dog and Its Friends

794. A Ringworm Man Won over the First Woman

795. Masalai Beleko’s Wife

796. Girinde’s Garden Brought in the Masalais

797. The Crocodile Men of Noran Abducted a Young Woman

798. A Father Fled and a Masalai Killed a Boy: There Is a Pond Where the Masalai Killed the Boy

799. A Friend Helped a Blind Man

800. Hunger for Bandicoots Killed an Old Woman

801. Guipe Left Sirunki and Went to Live at Birip

802. Surinangu [Sirunangu] Married Yakandua’s Wife

803. Kasulege Pond Arose at Kimala

804. A Man Stole a Masalai Baby

805. How the People of Kizeng [Kwenzenzeng] Arose

806. Kiwalema Arose from Clay

807. Entap Killed a Snake with His Teeth

808. A Fish Transformed and Married the Little Sister

809. Hunger Caused a Brother’s Death

810. Wando Killed Rande and Became the Ancestor of the People of Pambal [Pangal]

811. Naroyats Originated from Three Women

812. Kiwame and Kawame Turned into Stones

813. Atopang’s Wife Found Him in Her Dream

814. Waipetro Found the Voice of the Simbu

815. A Brother Married an Old Women

816. Kozaga Boys Won over Magamito Women

817. How Did the Yamu Bird Arise

818. How Did Kuimbu Village Obtain Love Magic?

819. Muyen Stole the Pig Liver

820. A Masalai Attracted a Real Woman

821. Ramingihan’s Troubles Killed the People of Wosera

822. A Cassowary Helped a Child

823. How Did Wobima Village Originate?

824. A Real Man Married a Masalai Woman

825. A Pauper Founded the Peri-Kali [Hagen-Wiru] Tribes

826. A Lazy Man Married a Leader’s Daughter

827. A Boy Became a Bird of Paradise

828. A Sister Was Troubled and Became a Bird

829. The Enga Area Is Filled with Pandanus (Karuka) Trees

830. A Woman Gave Her Breasts to Marsupials (Kapul)

831. Bananas Brought the Goroka Women

832. A Crab Helped a Woman Chase Away Evil Sorcerers

833. Pictures of the Vanimo Masked Dance

834. Nehemaiiah Burned Baby Nema with a Stone

835. Marsupial (Kapul) and Dog are Enemies

836. Old Koe Stole a Baby

837. A Pig Had Sex with A Woman and Created Kambaram Village in Enga [Province]

838. How Did the Cockatoo Get Its Crown?

839. A Masalai Killed Wokimboli and Ate Him

840. A Masalai Stone Killed Men

841. The Sasaura Burned their In-Law

842. A Man from Komban Became a Sow

843. The Short Masalai Men Killed Fubut

844. A Woman Came from a Coconut

845. Two Brothers Killed a Masalai Man

846. A Ghost Woman Died from the Axe that She Herself Had Sharpened

847. Why are Cassowaries and Dogs Enemies?

848. A Brother and Sister Committed Incest

849. Tears Turned into the Porap River

850. Kwasia Gave Birth to the Wantoat People

851. A Masalai Baby Killed Pigs

852. Brothers Killed a Masalai from Salamaua

853. Patfon Originated from a Chicken-Pig

854. A Brother-In-Law Was Jealous and Killed a Little Boy

855. A Snake Married a Woman from Sialum

856. Uiac Found Wild Game for the People of Kaiapit

857. Kevasob [Kevasop] Village in Madang Province

858. A Masalai Man Killed a Mother and Baby

859. The Salt Water from Aipidak Village, Enga [Province]

860. The Brothers Themselves Created Deveperuga [Dereperengwa] Village

861. The Sepik River Headwaters in Enga

862. How Did Dereperunga [Dereperengwa] and Mior-Kipemukondiri Break Apart?

863. Yasa Killed the Old Masalai Man

864. How Did Tisgmal and Kup [Villages] Arise?

865. Two from Goroka Fought over Bananas

866. A Scabby Man Married a Nice Woman

868. Hoke Fled from His Wife’s Ghost

869. Why are Spiders and Crabs [or Water Striders] Enemies?

870. A Snake Gave Birth to a Boy

871. Brothers Killed a Masalai from Tawambo

873. A Lazy Man Became the Bird of Paradise from Kabwum

874. A Masalai Fish Married a Young Woman

875. A Married Couple Argued and Clouds Thundered

876. A Dog Listened to the Simbu Language and Died

877. The Mondo [Mando] Clan Houses of Goroka

878. The Canoes from Bukawa [Bukaua] and Tami Island Came from an Old Man

880. The Brother Who Married a Masalai Woman

881. The Little Boy and the Rivers of Goroka

882. The Music of the Little Brother Attracted His Big Brother’s Wife

883. Two Brothers Fought over Food

884. A Nobonob [Nobanob] Headdress Became the Coconut Palm

886. How Did Kondiu Village Get Its Name?

887. Where Did the Wild Breadfruit and Wild Taro of Simbu Province Originate?

888. Trouble Concerning Birds Created the Tatemba [Tatumba] River

889. A Little Baby Became the Birds on the Gazelle Peninsula Beaches

890. Obena and Huli Created the Wabeg [Wabag] and Tari People

891. A Ghost Woman Fixed Three Brothers’ Worries

892. The Heron Tricked Some Fish

893. A Dog and Marsupial (Kapul) Found a Kagua Man’s Wife

894. The Bimat People Killed a Sorcerer Man from Tawurepat [Turutapa]

896. Why Are the Menang [Mengan] People Enemies with the Masalais?

897. Two Men Turned into Masalais and Killed the Others

898. An Ordinary Carving Turned into a Crocodile

899. The Ghosts Ate their Own Friend

900. Two Brothers Made Salt for the Gumine People

901. A Woman Married a Snake

902. A Brother Rediscovered His Sister at the Site of a Festival

903. An Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth

904. Mandedagua Fled to Wewak Hill

905. The Orokolo People Received Yams from the Moon

906. A Scabby Man Married a Beautiful Woman

907. The Yablo Kanom Died from Magic Mangos

909. Women Fought over a Cassowary’s Foster Son

911. Ghosts Killed an Angoram Man

912. A Worthless Man Married the Best Woman

913. A Sister Turned into a Bird of Paradise

914. A Wild Man Killed and Ate a Woman

916. A Butterfly Created the Auma People

917. A Boy Stole a Fish-Woman’s Skin

918. A Sepik Man Married a Sago-Woman

920. A Flood Killed the People of Wurins Village

921. Sainaturu Died Because of His Thievery

922. A Marsupial-Man Exchanged Fire for a Girl

924. The Newlywed Custom Sent a Little Brother into the Hands of the Enemies

925. The Moon Rose First at Jiki Village

926. The Aralkulo Received Fire from Kair Village

927. Kerenga Found [Trouble] in the Forest

928. A Kyaka Man Stole a Kaidane Woman

929. The Ancestor of Nokondi Nama Came from Kosayufa

932. Hot Water Helped Women Give Birth to Babies

933. A Marsupial (Kapul) Caused the Ground Bury [a Man from] Koray [Karue]

934. The Sun Came from the Sepik River

935. A Masalai Killed [His] Two Brothers

936. Why are Dog and Magani [Kangaroo] Enemies?

937. Turtle Made the Cockatoo Bald

938. A Sepik Woman Gave Birth to Piglets

940. An Okapa Woman Followed the Smoke from a Fire

941. An Ambunti Man Followed His Axe and Met Masalais

942. Maningulai Came from a Simbian Woman

943. A Brother Tricked His Sister’s Ghost in Kabwum

944. The Law Against [Killing] Birds of Paradise Is Still Strong in the Highlands

947. The Marsupials (Kapul) of Pangia Arose from a Man

948. Walenge Turned into a Snake

950. The Lesson of Shame Concerning an In-Law

951. A Sio Gave Birth to a Crocodile Child

952. A Masalai Snake Married a Kondolop Woman

953. Water Came from Okapa

954. Five Ingambilis Men Married Masalai Women

955. Two Brothers Killed a Masalai Man

956. A Ghost Woman Cut a Finschhafen Woman’s Neck

957. Women Originated from Bananas

958. A Tree Blocked an Old Man’s Testicles

959. Two Sirunki Brothers Split Apart

960. Why Do Flying Foxes Steal?

962. Crab Broke Kangaroo

963. A Boy Tricked a Ghost Man

964. The Trick Pig

965. A Crab Bit the Sorcerer’s Balls

966. An Old Man Died in a Fire

967. A Ghost Killed a Boy

968. A Brother-In-Law Was Tricked into Killing His Wife

969. Why Dogs and Marsupials (Sikau) are Enemies

970. A Worthless Man Married a Gorgeous Woman

971. A Father Lied and Slept with His Daughter

972. A Masalai Finished off Two Old Men from Libo

973. Two Sisters Argued over Sago then Transformed into the Cockatoos of Pangia

974. The Gokme Mothers Are Afraid of the Bright Moon

977. A Dog Gave Water to Mumeng

978. The Wild Swamp Taro Arose at Mindik

979. Bokol Missed Marrying the Forest Woman

980. A Father and Son Snake Fled from the Mother

981. Brothers Married Bird [Pandanus] Women

982. A Boy Tricked His Father about Ghosts

983. Lust for a Woman Brought Enemies to Kadajiki

984. Worrying Caused the Sister to Become a Marsupial (Kapul)

985. Why Food and Game are Plentiful at Wanwan

986. The Masalai of Sombore Time Came

987. Two Brothers Ate Children by the Daee River

988. Pig Fat Created Lake Evai

989. The Ghost of Woginara Sent Soup

990. Two Sisters Turned into the Stones of Wurup

991. Brothers Created the Dua Konage Clans

992. The Old Men’s Dispute Created a Pond

993. Ike’s Mistake Stopped the Gulmo People from Hunting for Wild Game at Night

994. Sons Married Their Mother and Raised Grandchildren

995. Trouble Caused the Dogs to Kill a Masalai Pig

996. A Father Played a Trick and Slept with His Daughter

997. Two Snake Brothers Married Two Sisters

998. Why Dogs and Marsupials Are No Longer Friends

999. The Python’s Child Ruined a Village

1000. A Child’s Worries [Were Caused By] Blame

1001. A Woman Caused the Death of Two Brothers

1002. A Father Tricked and Married His Daughter

1003. The Little Boys Killed a Masalai

1004. A Butterfly Woman Burned with Her House

1006. A Ghost Woman Killed a Real Woman

1009. Because of a Mother’s Mistake, Her Son Killed Her

1010. The Short Masalai of Mount Kulir also Had Magic Powers

1011. A Piece of Bamboo Helped Tokinavai

1012. How Did the Sea Arise?

1013. A Ringworm Man Married Two Sisters

1014. How Did Cockatoos Get Yellow Feathers on their Heads?

1015. A Family Helped a Masalai with Adornments for a Festival

1016. A Masalai [Ghost] Became a Clam and Killed Six Sisters

1017. How Did Manubada Island Arise?

1018. [Because of] Sama’s Mistake, the Forest Woman Left Him

1020. A Little Boy Caused the Death of His Brother-In-Law

1021. A Marsupial (Kapul) Helped Parents Get their Baby Back

1022. A Little Boy Killed an Ancestral Ghost that Lived by a Tree

1023. A Log Gave Songs and Dances to Siar Village

1024. An Ugly Bird Married the Bird-of-Paradise Woman

1025. Two Blood Brothers Killed an Evil Thing

1026. A Boy Scared His Father, then They Ran Away from Each Other

1028. A Masalai Eel Killed the People of Butam

1029. Yams Arose in Buang from a Man’s Bones

1030. A Little Boy Tricked Two Masalais

1031. The Ancestors Brought Forth Salt in Sinasina

1032. Mondogo [Scabby] Used a Trick to Marry a Gorgeous Woman

1033. Children Tricked and Killed a Masalai from Tami Island

1034. An Old Person Enticed Two Brothers and the Little Brother Became a Snake-Man

1035. Because of the Father’s Mistake, the Mother Left Him and the Two Children

1040. A Masalai Marsupial Helped a Woman Return to Her Two Children

1041. The Masalai of Urin Village

1043. How Lime (Calcium Oxide) Came to Yangoru

1044. Anger and Scolding Gave a Mondogo [Scabrous] Woman to a Young Man

1046. Tantanu Gave Various Kinds of Foods to the Siwai People

1047. A Crab Pinched a Sorcerer

1048. Ignoring Instructions Killed the Little Brother

1050. Why Do Crocodiles Live in Ponds?

1051. A Masalai Man Stole Food

1052. The Last Brother Was Angry and Killed the Bad Man

1054. Why Banana Plants Grow Well and Bear Large Fruits

1055. A Ghost Woman Killed the Mother, But the Two Children in Her Belly Did Not Die

1056. A Young Boy Killed a Ghost Pig, Then the Tribe Returned Home

1057. A Bird and a Turtle Brought a Young Woman Back from the Forest

1058. Why There Is Plentiful Taro at Alkena [Atkena]

1060. Why Cats and Rats are Enemies

1061. Why Snakes and Frogs are Enemies

1067. A Masalai Snake Married a Gorgeous Woman

1068. A Masalai Couple Killed a Little Boy

1070. Dog Slept with Insect’s Sister

1072. How the Forest Cockatoo and the Beach Cockatoo Originated

1073. Two Dogs Helped Their Owner Kill the Masalais

1074. A Masalai Tricked a Woman and Ate the Baby

1090. A Big Sore Removed the Kombe [Kimbe] Woman from a Man

1103. A Crab and a Turtle Destroyed Fekifuk Village

1110. A Masalai Confused Two Sisters

1112. Two Brothers Died in an Earth Oven

1113. Crocodiles and Lizards Came from the Ramu River

1114. Two Brothers Killed Masalai Kuakua

1115. A Father Ignored a Warning and a Child Was Lost

1116. A Man with Scabies Married a Nice Woman

1117. Two Coconuts Became Two Young Women

1121. Two Men Ignored What the Woman Said and they Died

1122. A Rat Helped Seven Brothers Escape from a Masalai

1123. Two Children Became Male and Female Sago Trees

1124. A Jimi Man Married a Masalai Woman

1126. Two Masalais Helped the Fathers Make a House

1133. The Little Brother Left the Village because the Big Brother Wanted to Kill Him

1143. A Brother and Sister Became Birds

1158. Brother and Sister Killed the Bad Snake

1159. Black Magic Helped to Kill Two Masalai Birds

1160. Mothers Became Flying Foxes

1161. An Eagle Married a Girl

1163. A Man Thought that it Was a Frog and He Killed His First Wife

1164. An Old Couple Saw a Dead Man and They Ran Crazily

1168. A Real Man Turned into a Bird

1172. A Man Became Onou, the Snake Sorcerer

1174. A Sister and Brother Became Two Lakes

1176. An Unmarried Man Took out a Beautiful Woman

1177. A Brother and Sister Became Lakes

1178. Two Marsupials (Kapul) Became Enemies

1179. The Story of the Bird-of-Paradise Woman

1180. Hunting for Wild Game in the Forest

1182. The Cassowary Woman Fled from Her Family

1183. Because of Eagle’s Anger, It Is Still Searching for Food

1184. Cassowary Played a Trick and Killed Crab

1185. The Snake Descendants

1186. A Brother and Sister Became a [Bird and a] Lake

1187. A Giant Snake Discovered an Island

1188. A Female Snake Gave Birth to a Boy

1189. A Child Came from a Snake

1190. Revenge

1191. A Snake Became the Fly River

1194. A Masalai Man Married a Village Woman

1196. Two Sisters Founded a Large Family

1198. Crabs and Ants Are Good Friends from Before

1199. Two Mountains Became Enemies

1200. A Dog Found Yams (Mami) from the Masalai River

1201. How Sugarcane Arose

1202. A Marsupial (Sikau) Took a Woman Named Nakoko [Makoko] Up a Mountain

1203. A Moluhis [Malahun] Ancestor Story

1204. Two Brothers Worked Hard and the Younger Brother Married

1205. Gapal-Ku and a Wildman

1206. Mawo’s Story Is the Ancestor Story of How the Sea Arose

1207. Today, Cat and Rat Are Enemies

1208. The First Wife Performed Black Magic on the Second Wife

1209. Fish Eggs Became Galip Nuts

1210. A Lake Arose and Saved Many People

1211. Nepope and His Ghost Brother, Nakone

1212. An Old Man Turned into a Baby and Drank from the Sister’s Breasts

1214. A Young Boy Saved His Village

1215. Dog and Marsupial (Kapul) Are Enemies Now

1216. Two Boys Came from a Water Family

1217. The Big Sister Fled and the Masalai Killed the Little Sister

1218. A Young Woman Killed a Masalai Bird

1219. The Friendship of Dogs and Marsupials (Kapul) Ended

1220. A Masalai Killed All of the Brothers Except the Little Brother

1222. A Girl Tricked a Ghost Woman and Fled

1223. A Bird Took Care of a Poor Girl until She Grew

1226. A Man Had a Snake Family

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